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        • *外壓:
        • *抗拉強度:
        • *單根長度:
        • *輸送介質:
        • *最小彎曲半徑:
        • *施工:
        • 海洋柔性立管

        • 海洋柔性立管..


        step1: Preliminary selects the material and the type of structure, according to customer’s requirement, such as the application of water depth, component of transmission medium, temperature, internal pressure, ocean wave and tide etc.
        step2: Design and analysis of the section based on the index proposed by the customer, and then determine the preliminary dimension of section, including thickness of each layer, analysis of the section properties and make the section meet the requirement of design index.
        step3: Overall design and analysis, mainly including static and dynamic analysis under environmental load.
        step4: Detailed design, in the application design, it needs to analysis the stress and deformation of the section under the corresponding load, ensure the safety of each layer and the whole, the other, also including the design of joint, bending restrictor and other auxiliary components and the analysis of fatigue life.
        step5: After modeling analysis is qualified, carry out the sample pipe test, carry out full-scale test for the sample pipe to examine the design and verify the using safety.
        Note:We can design and produce various size of flexible composite pipe according to the customer’s particular requirements for different working conditions.